Advertise ownCloud Central to #owncloud IRC users

A lot of people who show up on IRC are not being helped because IRC is a poor form of helping people. The hope usually is that there is a quick solution, but usually there isn't, mostly because of poor initial details and few people with time to ask for more.

the Help category in ownCloud Central seems to be a much better fit, but how do we advertise this best? Just change the topic to something like "Issues are usually resolved fastest through a post at ownCloud Central?" (with a link).

I couldn't even do that; I tried yesterday in the #owncloud-android channel, but I don't have the proper permissions, and don't know who created the channel.

Anybody here knows better?

Same here with #owncloud - who actually is operator?

I think @danimo should have permissions

If IRC is interesting for more users and too little help is provided, we could perhaps organize meetups? if there is actually need for that on top of the forum.