After moving local directory synchronisation status of the files is not shown any more

I’m working with Windows 10.

I moved my local directory for owncloud to another disk, by changing the following entry in owncloud.cfg:


This worked fine, but since then the synchronisation status icons (blue arrows for “synchronisation running”, green ok-sign for “synchronisation done”) for files and directories are not shown any more in the exporer.

Does anybody no how I can restore these icons?

Thanks in advance

We do not support manual editing of the configuration.

You can, however, remove the account in the settings, delete the file .sync_journal.db inside of your new location (E:/ownCloud/) and then add your account anew, configuring E:/ownCloud/ as the target directory. To do so in version 3.x, in the last step of the “add account” wizard, check the “advanced configuration” checkbox and enter E:/ownCloud/ in the “local download directory” text field. The client will then set up all configuration files correctly. Files that have not changed in the meantime will not be re-downloaded.


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