After Updated 11.0.0

i have updated to And now i am across another issue I cant see the users, it looks like i am not an admin anymore. Is there a fix to make it back or setup manually?

there is no 11.0.0 version of ownCloud.

ownCloud 11.0.0 prealpha (stable)

So what is this?

You installed ownCloud from git master branch. This is our current development version.


Is there a way to go back? I keep the data. Or i need to make fresh installation?

Is there please a way to go back on this? Or new installation please

I would recommend a new installation.

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Done it new installation worked the mail for a day the came up Error: Address in mailbox given [info@] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2.

Im on a shared server how i can solve this issue?

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