Again htaccess error

Hello, community!
I had 8.1 version of ownCloud on my debian server. I configured new datadirectory to another HDD. All was alright. A few days ago I updated ownCloud to 8.2.7 version. And now I see security warning with .htaccess file in Admin Panel. I can`t understand now which file i need to edit: file in /mnt/another_data_directory or file in /var/www/owncloud/data ?
Anybody help me?

What is the exact error, that the file is missing/has the wrong hash? That the data-directory is readable?

Your data directory and files are probably accessible from the internet because the .htaccess file does not work.
For information how to properly configure your server, please see the documentation.

Normally it should be the .htaccess in your new data-directory (but this should be an issue at all if this is outside your DocumentRoot).

I fix it. I droped htaccesstest.txt file in my data directory and security warning go on.