Agenda on android mobile app


Just want to know if i can have the Agenda application in the OwnCloud android mobile App ?

On my mobile i only see the file app. even in the web version Agenda app is well installed and works fine.

Thanks for your feedback

What is the Agenda app? I could not find anything by that name in the Marketplace.

If you are asking about Tasks or Calendar, those can made available on Android devices very easily.

Task sync

Calendar sync

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Yes you are right, i 'm talking about Calendar.

But unfortunately, i don’t find it in my Android devices (Google Play app : OwnCloud)

I really like to access on Calendar throught OwnCloud android App as the web version

Thanks a lot

The ownCloud app is primarily for file sync and share. If you want to use the calendar on Android, you can either use CalDAV sync apps like I shared to integrate with the native Android calendar, or you can use the web browser.

I have been using DAVx5 and OpenTasks with ownCloud for years.

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Crystal clear, thanks you so much

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will try Cal DAV :grinning:

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