Agenda trusted domain error on windows


I used to have an owncloud version 8 and my agendas sync'ed perfectly on a linux, 2 windows 7 and 8 and an android.
I now have installed oc 10.0.3 from scratch and created my agendas under "g" property. I shared them with group "agenda". I can sync the agendas on a linux thunderbird agenda perfectly for user "g".
On the windows PC, I can't share my agendas for user "a" who however belongs to the group "agenda" on owncloud.
Here is the address I give in order to access remote agenda "q" :

here is the error I get in the log :
{"reqId":"WgtxjQoAGwsAAGczbzsAAACg","level":2,"time":"2017-11-14T22:43:25+00:00","remoteAddr":"","user":"--","app":"core","method":"PROPFIND","url":"\/nuage\/owncloud\/remote.php\/caldav\/calendars\/gilles\/toto\/","message":"Trusted domain error. \"\" tried to access using \"\" as host."}

Can anyone help ?


this is a wrong question. I close it and re-open another