All contacts dissappeared

All my contacts have dissappeared. I think it's DAVdroid's fault.

Does owncloud server keep backups of our contacts? Can they restore them?


There is no backup/trashbin of contacts or calendars in ownCloud. These items are saved in your database and should be included in your backups.

I had a similar issue with Outlook CalDav Synchronizer. This is why I'm running a backup script for contacts and calendars on a regular basis.

Wow. Well, it's been years since I installed and set up OwnCloud. I use OwnDrive as my server, which I thought was part of OwnCloud! It turns out that they were changing code in the server and we had to export and import our data. Simple. I just assumed it was DavDroid because I had been seeing errors from it recently.

Thanks for your comments. I now have a backup and I have all my contacts back.

Here is the post in case anyone searching needs it:

This is very great, thanks !