Allow only whitelisted files for uploading to server

I’m using owncloud on an QNAP system.
I’m setting up an owncloud user and sharing a folder only for uploading files as an kind of dropbox.

Now I want only allow upload of specific files , e.g *.jpg, *.mp3, *.mp4.

I searched the docu, but only found the function with blacklisted files in config.php
‘blacklisted_files’ => [
I tried also with *,bat , but failing. Seems wildcard ared not working at this level.

So any idea how enable a kind of whitelist for owncloud user. I do not want to use owncloud in a commerical environment, so I can only use the free of charge version.

I’m not very familar with Appache and .htaccess config . So I need an easy to understand hint.

Many thanks in advanced for your feedback.
Greeting from Germany

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