Allow short usernames

I am trying to migrate from OC 8 to OC 10.1.0

Installation went smooth. I will not update or upgrade but migrate the data (just calendars and contacts) via export / import from the old version into a freshly installed 10.1.0. All the usernames we currently use are just 2 characters. Unfortunately, OC 10 by default demands usernames to be at least 3 characters. I don’t want to modify (lengthen) the usernames because this would mean to modify all the connection URLs in all users’ devices.

Is there a config-option option to allow short usernames?

Thanks in advance,

Here at Portugal, using version 10, I found all Ana’s are not being found at share search. Ana is a common first name here. So I would love to know how to have at least even 3 characters names, also :-}

Also “Rui” is a known and usual first name, and it is also not found.
It finds, for sharing files, all other, if they have 4 letters at least.


i don’t think there is any configuration options available in ownCloud to change this behavior. At least i wasn’t able to find any in my config/config.sample.php file of my ownCloud 10.1.1 installation.


It seems to me that you’re question is unrelated to what was initially asked. IIUC the initially question was on how to allow ownCloud usernames to be less then three characters long where you seems to have a question on the search for user names. For your question it looks to me like that there is indeed a configuration option available which i have found in my config/config.sample.php

 * Defines the minimum characters entered before a search returns results for 
 * users or groups in the share autocomplete form. Lower values increase search
 * time especially for large backends.
 * Any exact matches to a user or group will be returned, even though less than 
 * the minimum characters have been entered. The search is case insensitive.
 * e.g. entering "tom" will always return "Tom" if there is an exact match.
'user.search_min_length' => 2,