Allow users to edit but not delete


Is it possible to allow users to modify/edit a shared file or directory but disallow to delete them?

I’m using ownCloud server 9.1.8

Thank you in advance.

Damon H.

As far as I know, no it is not possible. But if you want you can write an app for his purpose.

With a file semi is correct. With a folder you can share it with change rights, but without delete rights … I use and recommend this often to prevent accidental deletes as well as moves out of the shared folder which otherwise can easily happen.
You might want to consider to upgrade to 10.0.8 as 9.1.8 has reached end of life.


Thank you, @hodyroff
I found it on the directories share options. I leave a screenshot that may help others, it’s in spanish but the options are in the same place :wink:



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