Allways "Not enough space" when uploading

I installed Owncloud on my webserver :

PHP 7.4

Webconsole : TinyCP

There are many website already installed and working.
Also Owncloud is installed on the websever as a website and everything is working fine except uploading.
Always the error “Not enough space”.

There is about 750GB free diskspace and I accepted the default path settings.

Max-Upload : 16GB
Max time : 3600

Please advise, what is wrong here ?


i think this could be related to this:

Maybe there is also indeed not enough space free, for example on the location where PHP is uploading files.

Found the solution yesterday.
If you fresh installl owncloud the standard space should be set otherwise users with standard space do not have free space available. After setting the standard space (or set the availvable space per user) problem is solved.

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