Almost lost my password, need to recover it

Hi, I reinstalled an instance of Owncloud, 10.7 on Debian.
All worked fine.
I configured several windows clients on the same user/data that has encryption enabled. They all work.
Today I tried to login via web interface and get an invalid password message. I saved it into my Keepass so I assume it is ok, but actually it is not.
Is there a way to extract it from one of the configured and working windows clients?
I know that resetting the password will result in loosing my files and re-uploading them will require several weeks…
I can access the DB of course but the password is encrypted and was generated with keepass, so I can hardly crack it.

Credentials are stored in Windows Vault. With Basic Auth, you can find username and password. When using login with OAuth 2.0, only a token is stored, that will probably not help you

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I have no saved credentials in the “Web” section of the windows vault and my server is not in the “windows credential” store. I suppose I’m out of luck.
Thank you @michaelstingl

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