Alternate TCP/IP port installation

Hello all… I’m in the preliminary stages of planning an OwnCloud (personal) installation and had some questions. My preferred hardware situation would have OwnCloud running on the same machine as another web-based application, running its own webserver. I CAN configure this other app to monitor a port other than port 80 but wanted to know how difficult it would be to configure OwnCloud to monitor a port other than port 80. The main reason is that the other web app would be publicly available and it would be easier to have folks NOT have to enter the port in the URL for them to access the app (FWIW the other app is SynchroNet BBS). I’m thinking of hanging OwnCloud on port 81, 8080 or something really obscure like 6080. Since OwnCloud would only be used by my wife and myself this is the path of least obstruction.

So, questions for the pros out there… How much of a pain to configure the server? And how much of a pain to configure Android, Windows and/or Linux clients?

If this has all been addressed in a previous article, please let me know and link to it in your reply telling me I’m a big dummy for not being able to find said previous article.

Oh… sorry… The server OS would be Linux, most likely a Debian version.

Thanks much!


Hi, if you have a look in the documentation you’ll see that ownCloud is basically just a web site you set up on a LAMP server:

LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL PHP
Apache is the web server component.
You can set up virtual servers in Apache, where different websites are available on the same port but on different domain names. You can also set up your Apache to listen on any port you desire and multiple virtual hosts on different ports.
I would recommend to check out the Apache documentation.

The port just becomes part of your URL that you’re going to use in the sync client.

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