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Hi Community,

I have some short questions about the Documents Alternatives Collabora and Onlyoffice.

  • Can these two apps also be used in the freeware version of Owncloud?
  • Collabora costs 17 Euro per user per year, can I also use a freeware version in Owncloud? Would it limit the features?
  • I couldn’t find a price for Onlyoffice, is this option full functional freeware?

We would now like to have this requirement for a handful of employees and not cause any costs at first, but we would retain the flexibility to upgrade for multiple users.

Thx & Bye Tom


i’m using the App together with an own installation of with the free version of ownCloud.

I think the questions about Collabora and Onlyoffice (price, freeware etc.) are probably better redirected to those provides. From what i know the ownCloud apps are just providing an integration / “bridge” to this 3rdparty software.

Yes both developer editions can run fine with ownCloud. You will have a limit for 10 users/20 documents with Collabora Online and I think 10 concurrent connections with OnlyOffice.

We offer subscriptions for both, in combination with any ownCloud subscriptions.
For a handful of employees, maybe you want to start with the Appliance, there you can easily activate both options and try them out to see what fits your needs better.
ownCloud subscription with the Appliance through an ownCloud partner starts at 999 EUR per year for 10 users, if you need the support …

Feedback welcome!

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