Alternative to Owncloud for Windows 2012 R2



I've got a dedicated server running Windows 2012 R2.
Owncloud stopped support for Windows servers so I'm looking for an alternative with almost the same features.
I'd really stay with owncloud and I'm thinking about creating a virtual Ubuntu server on my Windows server.
Usually I used Ubuntu but I had to switch to Windows because of some applications.

What would you advise? Is there a good alternative to Owncloud or would you advise installing a VM on my server?
I already tried installing a VM with Hyper-V but I always killed my internet connection and had to reinstall the server :smiley: (I'm not very familiar with Windows Servers)
I already bought another IP - how do I use this IP on my VM? My server provider is Webtropia.

Thanks in advance.




i think the best suggestion is to use the linux system you're most familiar with and use that one for ownCloud.

As you have written that you're familiar with Ubuntu stay on that. A lot of users are running oC on Ubuntu so you probably will get some support for that.


I think you'll find that web application and cloud development these days is all Linux-centric, no matter which vendor or products you're looking at. Windows really isn't well supported in the web application world. Rather than switching cloud products, it's probably easier to ditch Windows OS and go with something like RHEL if this is a production server, or CentOS if this is for test/dev or personal use. There's a reason all the big web app players, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, etc. are powered by Linux.