An error occurred while opening a folder unknown error

Expected behaviour

sync works

Actual behaviour

return an error when try open a folder

Steps to reproduce

  1. install owncloud client
  2. connect with webserver
  3. put the folders to sync on the folder owncloud
  4. wait sync

Server configuration

Operating system:WINDOWS

Web server:

Database: mariaDB 10.1.41

PHP version:php 7.1.32

ownCloud version:10.2

Storage backend (external storage):1TB

Client configuration

Client version:2.5

Operating system: WINDOWS

OS language: PT-BR

Qt version used by client package (Linux only, see also Settings dialog): n/a

Client package (From ownCloud or distro) (Linux only):n/a

Installation path of client:c:\programfiles

@REBERTH_KELVIN_SANTO Please reproduce, with logging enabled, then post the relevant lines from the log. Here you can find more information: