Android 2.12 Beta - Test the rewritten Sharing mechanism!

Hi, we are proud to show our latest progress on the Android app - and ask for
your feedback. With Android development, it’s always the problem that there
are many different devices out there. We can’t test the app on all of them
ourselves - we need your cooperation to make the app reliable and crash-free
for everyone.

There are two things which you can test:

Sharing Rearchitecture

You might have heard that the architecture of the Android app gets an overhaul
at the moment. The old Sharing code is one of the first parts of the app which
deserved a rewrite. In Kotlin. Because… because Kotlin.

Anyway, please play around with Sharing! Download the new Beta and share files,
as many as you want, with as many people as you want, or groups, and different
permissions… you name it.

And the important part: if you find bugs, please tell us. Just open a GitHub
Highly appreciated.

Gallery: Image Auto-Detection

The other thing which you can test is a small bugfix. Download an image, and
look whether it appears in the gallery app of your phone. It would be good to
know if this works on your phone again, so please try it out!

If the image doesn’t appear in the Gallery, then the bug persists. In this
case, please report it in the GitHub

So Where Can I Get the Beta Version?

That’s easy! Just join our beta program in the Google Play
Scroll to the bottom and click “I’M IN” in the “Become a beta tester” section.

The other option is to install the Beta over F-Droid. In the F-Droid settings,
you have to enable “Unstable Updates”, then you can just update your app to

Please Give Us Feedback!

Thanks for testing, and don’t forget to give us feedback if you discover a bug!
This is the only way we can fix the issue for everyone.

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The registration should be directly in the Android phone, otherwise does not appear the Beta program.

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