Android app for older server version available?

Hey everyone,

I just started working with a new team where we use an owncloud server for our file management.
It looks like the server version being used is an older one, I don’t know which but, I was given the client to work with on windows.

I was trying to connect through the Android app but i was getting a malconfigured server error, probably due to version incompatibility? - Saw some similar posts here.

Anyway, i refunded my playstore purchase and came straight here to ask if there is some workaround to work with an older server version on android.

Also, is there some way i can figure out the server version and provide it to you for better suggestions?

I know the correct solution is to run an up-to-date server configuration but, I’m not in the position to suggest that to the IT guys. At least not yet :slight_smile:

Just add status.php to your server URL:

$ curl

See this comment:

ocloud is an app that been able to connect to an very old zyxel ownCloud server implementation. For me, that solved the problem.