Android App Ideas

I am interested in contributing to the owncloud's Android app. I have just started getting myself familiar with the code base and sent a PR yesterday for a junior job. I don't see any ideas for Android app in the ideas section. Is there anything you guys would want which I can do under GSoC?

Hi, @ayushpateria.

Thanks for your contribution. I'll have a look to your PR ASAP.

Currently we have no proposal for Android that fits GSoC. Given the structure of the ownCloud Android app, defining a cohesive addition that takes several weeks to develop and that can be done independently of the current state of the app seems too difficult.

I would recommend to you creating a separate Android app that connects to some of the apps exposing APIs in the server. Maybe a contacts app for or calendar app for Android that syncs with the contacts app in the server or the calendar app there.

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Thanks for your reply @davivel. You suggestion looks good to me and I'd like to take it forward. Should I start making a proposal for it? Also, I may need to discuss you regarding what all things I can do in the app. Please let me know how can I discuss with you regarding this.

@davivel Please let me know soon, the time remaining is less.

Hi, @ayushpateria.

From the instructions I understand you should write down a proposal and send it to ownCloud.

But please, notice that right now we have no mentor for Android proposals. I don't think I have the time for a commitment like this. Maybe you prefer to consider other options.