Android App is having issues connecting to my server

Hi i need some help please. I have installed owncloud on my server and can get access to the admin and users area etc. there is no issue at that point.

However, i have installed the owncloud app on my android tablet and i am having issues connecting to my server.

I get this error message when the cloud URL is entered - ‘server could not be reached’

any suggestions what i need to do to fix this matter ?

thank you

Minimum required server version is ownCloud 10.0. Could you check?

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The ownCloud version that i have installed is 10.5.0

hope that helps ?


Can you try to reach the server in a browser using the tablet?
If you can’t you are most likely in a different network than your server and you to setup some port forwarding for your ownCloud server to be available over WAN.

Also be aware that Android often ignores local DNS name servers and asks google DNS directly which might not know about your hostname.

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