Android App = Spyware?



Android App Version 2.0.1 $
connects to

Is it spyware? Wouldn't expect this app to connect to any other location than my owncloud server...


Please discuss such stuff directly with the app developer:

It might help to provide him the info why do you think the app is connecting to that host and where you get that info from.


Where did you get the app? What server are you accessing?

The ownCloud app for Android is not spyware.


I really hope owncloud it is not blowing any information around...
Got it from Google play. 04/06/16 16:46.
It was an update. Other accounts already existed.
The firewall alarm on my android was triggered after I added a new account.
Owncloud is hosted on my own server and has of course not the address mentioned in the first post.

The local android firewall rules would allow access to my server only.



i really doubt that the app is connecting to that URL/IP. Maybe re-check your firewall setting if this was indeed caused by that app or check which firewall app you're using on your device. Netguard for example was known to sent out usage statistics to external systems. Unfortunately the discussion about that at is not available anymore.

Edit Did some research: redirects to (on the same IP which is a french engineering school. A bing search on that IP address shows some additional school homepages on that IP/host:

so i really doubt that this is somehow related to the android app.


Geru, what firewall app are you using? How explicit is the alarm message about the ownCloud Android app being the faulty app?

Sorry to ask, but I guess your extra account is still for your own server, right?