Android applcation: Is there a workaround for streaming video from a server that has untrusted certificate (self-signed)

Actual behaviour

  • When a video file is selected for viewing through the android app, the app gives an error message: Streaming cannot be started because the certificate of the server is not trusted.

Expected behaviour

  • Streaming should start even with self-signed certificates. Maybe user should be prompted for an aknowledge instead of straight up error message in this case. Is there a workaround for this issue?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Browse the server content for a video file. Server should have self-signed certificate.
  2. Press on the file to start up streaming
  3. Read the error message

Environment data

Android version: 9
Device model: Oneplus A3003
Stock or customized system: OxygenOS 9.0.6
ownCloud app version: 2.14.2 release fe23fedb4
ownCloud server version:

@artsi Sorry, but this is a known limitation in the Android system.

You need to add a valid certificate to your server, or you can try to add/trust the self signed certificate to the Android system. (this helps on iOS)