Android client gui: Confusion with two arrows when downloading multiple files

Hello! In the Android client, if you longpress to select a single file, one downward-pointing arrow appears (for downloading the file). If you select more than one file, a second downward-pointing arrow appears, with a line under it.

I'm having trouble figuring out what the difference between these two arrows is, and have tried to look in the documentation and in this forum but haven't found an answer.

I also wonder if others would agree with me in thinking that this is a confusing design choice, or if the difference should at least be documented somewhere.

I hope you are all well and thank you for the app!


Hi @dantheman39 , the icon with a downward-pointing arrow with a line under it is used to set a file or folder as available offline. When you set this option for a file/folder, it will be automatically synced.

For example, if you want to open a file/folder in a wireless area (e.g. during a fly) and the file/folder has changed in the server, it is too late to sync the file/folder, but thanks to this feature, it was updated with the latest changes before missing the connection.

Related to the documentation, we will check if any update is needed.

Thank you! @davigonz , the explanation makes sense. My last little comment would be that I think the different ways you do this when one file is selected vs. when two files are selected is inconsistent and added to my initial confusion: When one file is selected, there is only one arrow, and "Set available offline" is in the top-right menu. When you select more than one file, The second arrow (which means "Set available offline") appears, and the text "Set available offline" is not available in the top-right menu. I would think it would make sense to pick one way for both situations: either have the two arrows, or have the menu option. My two cents! Thanks again for the app and your response!

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Hi again @dantheman39, I know what you mean but when two files are selected, the second arrow (available offline) replaces the share button that is visible when pressing one file. It's the way this kind of menus works on Android, we define a list of elements and that list changes depending on the available space and the hidden elements.

If you rotate your device to landscape mode, you will see more icons than in portrait mode and less text options in the top-right menu.

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