Android (grapheneOS) "Download failed"

I have installed ownCloud on a remote virtual linux machine and can access it (store, download/view) files on my Apple laptop OK. The server and basic functions seem fine.

My problem is with my android (grapheneOS) Pixel 6 Pro. I can upload files manually, upload from camera is configured and working, and I can “download” (view) image files. However I am unable to download text files on my android phone.

In the ownCloud android app, I can see the files (and a thumbnail image of the contents) but if I touch it, it shows the fiel name, Type: PLAIN files, size, etc. Then I get a “Download failed” at the bottom of the screen.

Using the File manager, I can browse to the ownCloud “folder”, but no app I select can view the files. When I use the Vanadium browser, it attempts to open URL


but it hangs and displays nothing.

If I select it on my apple laptop, the file downloads and displays as expected.

I’m baffled. Any hints?

You should see errors for the GET requests for this file in the app debug logs

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Still the same problem, and I cannot see the ownCloud logs either (Settings → Logging).

Edit: I restarted apache on the server, and via the laptop deleted all text files. I then dragged text files back into ownCloud. I verified that I could read file contents, clicking the file from the ownCloud browser page.

I uninstalled ownCloud app on Pixel, reinstalled from fdroid, logged in again. I see the list of files newly created. Touching a file (“to do.txt”) shows an icon, Type: PLAIN file, size 247 B, modified date, location / and generates “download failed”.

In Settings → logging (having previously enabled logging and HTTP logging) I see the log file, 164KB (seems large), I touch the log file but unfortunately get “No app found for file type”, so there’s no internal viewer? And app::filetype mapping went out with Android11.

Though the ownCloud app logs in OK (name, password) when I log into ownCloud in firefox, upon entering name/password returns to name/password entry. Because there’s no “show password” option I typed the password into Markor and pasted it in, so I’m sure its correct.

Is this a GrapheneOS vs Google Android thing?