Android Intent to upload a file


I noticed that ownCloud client on Android does not automatically upload new files created in a folder which has been previously set as "available offlline". This could be potentially achieved using a third party app (i.e. Tasker) sending the right intent to upload a single file.

Is that possible at all? What is right intent I should use? After a brief analysis of source code I found: Is this the right one?

What is the syntax for the additional data to be included with the intent (i.e. path to the file I would like to upload)?

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Hi @Olgierd.

Sorry, but there is no intent that allows to do that without opening the UI of the ownCloud Android app. '' is a class representing and upload operation, but using it classpath in an Intent will result in no action.

It's a long-time request that new files in certain folders are automatically uploaded into the ownCloud account, such as what is done with the instant upload of pictures and videos. Probably we'll get there at some point, but I don't dare to say when.