Android 'notch'/statusbar feature stops Android client menu function

Actual behaviour

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    Android 10 Redmi 9T, Application about = 2.8.2
    Under settings, if Notifications/Shade/control centre/Hide Notch = Hide without moving status bar, Application menu and … functions cease to work.

Expected behaviour

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    I expect this is due to the App generating its own shade/notch which is compromising the Android UI.

Current version is 2.17. Does this still happen?

Im not using the beta, but I paid for 2.17 yesterday, and yes that still loses menu function if hide notch enabled.
The paid version should sync defined files from Android but sadly this feature is still missing, so Ive moved to FolderSync paid version, which works perfectly.

Sounds like a bug. Please open in the bug tracker:

Please provide all the requested information, so developers can fix it.

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