Androip app 2.19 shows photos not correct

Actual behaviour

Expected behaviour

  • all photos should be shown

Steps to reproduce

  1. upload more than 5-10 photos
  2. try to view

Can this problem be reproduced with the official owncloud server?
(url:, user: test, password: test)


Environment data

Android version: 11

Device model:

Stock or customized system: stock
ownCloud app version: 2.19
ownCloud server version: 10.7.0

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I’ve noticed the same behavior too, sometimes if you go back to the top folder and comes back in the current folder the images get displayed, but only the ones fitting your screen size. It’s like the previews get downloaded but not refreshed.

I checked on the bug tracker, found this issue, but it got closed.

I suggest you open a new issue on the bug tracker, I don’t think the forum would fit your need.


Same issue here.
@q16marvin: In case you open a new issue, could you please post the link here.
I’d like to support the request and could offer to do some testing.

thanks a lot for reporting.I can also reproduce the issue, so i opened a new ticket in the GitHub open Android repository.


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