Annoying Backup Detected message



I occasionally receive a pop-up box titled "Backup Detected" followed by "This sync would reset the files to an earlier time..." and I have a choice of keeping the local file or accepting the sync.
Trouble is the file in question is not named so I cannot make an informed decision as how to act.
More info would be greatly appreciated.

OwnCloud versioning brings up older versions and gives clients an error message

Please report such issues directly to the bugtracker:


the 2.2.3-client, which is expected to be released soon, fixes some issues with the backup detection:

If you have some time and a good backup, you can try the testpilot of the 2.2.3-version and see if this happens with this version as well.

bug was reported here:


I've been using 2.2.3 client for about a week & its seems to have fixed the problem


have this problem on windows 8. client version 2.2.3(build 6307). a few times a week just this window.
how to deal with it?
what you need to press at the appearance of this window?
thank you!



this issue is marked as solved and got fixed with the release of 2.2.3. Instead of posting in a solved thread please create a new issue if you have questions about the message itself.

Also note that there is still an open issue for a redesign of this message available here: