Anonymous upload limits


I have recently set up OwnCloud 10.0.04 on Ubuntu 16.

Everything i working as planned. I can not find one solution for a future security problem. I can see that I can make an anonymous drop folder. What I miss is that I can not set the limit for upload (either file size or number of files or file extension...)

I have read about .user.ini and .htaccess in root dir of owncloud - none of these limits seem to work. I just uploaded over 1GB file, where limits are approx. 500Mb

Thanks for any suggestions!

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set drop folder during public sharing
  2. Upload any file

Expected behaviour

Limitation of anonymous upload

Actual behaviour

No limits at all

Server configuration

Ubuntu 16, OwnCloud 10.0.04

Right now you cannot set a quota per public folder. The quota from the owner will be used. Consider making a feature request on GitHub detailing what you'd like to see in ownCloud. Thanks!