Antivirus Daemon (Socket) not working

I installed ClamAV and the Antivirus Plugin with this guide:

The Executable mode is working fine but reeaallyy slow.
If i change the mode to Daemon (Socket) the error message “Test scan was unsuccessfull. Please recheck antivirus settings.”.

I also checked the clamd socket path with the following command:
netstat -a|grep clam
unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 78934 /var/run/clamd.scan/clamd.sock

The error is showing up even when iam entering this path in the Antivirus settings (/var/run/clamd.scan/clamd.sock).

Hello there,

have you installed clamav and clamav deamon?

Best Regards


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Hi Dimitry

I installed clamav like they show on the owncloud page (CentOS 7):

yum install clamav clamav-scanner clamav-scanner-systemd clamav-server
clamav-server-systemd clamav-update

On CentOS you might have to set up SELinux to allow the web server to talk to the antivirus socket. Easiest way to test this is by temporarily deactivating SELinux and retesting whether the error still persists.

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I remember a centos installation some time ago, where the apache user was not able to read/write the socket file. Maybe you want to double check the permissions and do some chmod/chgrp.

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