Any advice develop app for Android and iOS?


I now own the owncloud but unfortunately i not good in mobile app. I saw the owncloud app in Play Store and App Store, it does cost me. I want make it Free for my clients. Any advice on it? or else develop new one?

For Android you can go to FDroid and loat it from there.

I've used the free OC app from Fdroid, then the paid version from Play store for quite some time.

Since a year back I've switched to the Cirrus app on Android.
It felt like it was a lot faster.
Still miss a "select all"-feature though in all the available android apps for Owncloud.

See link below for more info on the Cirrus app.

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Great tip! I guess it always depends on the use case. We are putting quite some effort into the oC Android App to make things like SAML and now oAuth2 work, things which are under the hoods and you likely never need for a non-Enterprise use case. Thanks for the suggestion, we will also check it out.

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Don't misunderstand me though, I'd prefer the original OC app made by the OC devs any day, it being based on open source code etc. Transparency and trust you know. :slight_smile:

It's been some time now since I used the paid OC app, maybe I should install it and give it a go again.