Any config option to use well-formed URLs? (url-encoded spaces)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a folder with a space in its name in the web browser interface.
  2. Click on it.

Expected behaviour

The URL the browser goes to should be well-formed.

Actual behaviour

The URL contains a space, rather than a URL-encoded %20.

Server configuration

I’m afraid I’m not sure: I’m just a user; have asked the local admin about this and they said “it might be worth raising as a bug”…

EDITED TO ADD: [no idea how to come back on this since it was closed immediately on asking]

The “solution” below is not a solution, it merely echoes what I’m saying, that owncloud should not produce URLs with spaces in them. Nevertheless I am seeing it produce URLs like this: Committee&fileid=44344

… shouldn’t the space between “Local” and “Committee” at least be a +, if not a %20?

Not a bug.
As per RFC spaces aren’t allowed in URLs:

— closed

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