Any estimates when ownCloud server v9.20 is coming out?

Curious when I can apt-get update it on my Ubuntu 16.10 server?

Because my server already runs on PHP 7.1 and cannot revert back to PHP 7.0 ...


10.0 is scheduled for March 2017:

Cool, thanks. And what's happening with v9.2?

Numbering scheme is that at the beginning of every year, the major version number is increased by one. So the 9.0 and 9.1 releases in 2016 are followed by 10.0 and likely 10.1 in 2017.

all clear, thanks man

As @hodyroff wrote, normally one could find this out by consulting the Maintenance and Release Schedule, but it hasn't been updated since 9.1.3 came out for some reason.