Any owncloud-compatible screenshot apps?

I'm currently using Monosnap to take screenshots, used a few other similar alternatives before.

Me and my co-workers and friends take and share screenshots often, for work and not. In my line of work it is also much easier to just show something rather than trying to describe it.

So, Monosnap is perfect for this, but I wonder if there is any screen shot tool that can integrate with owncloud?

I imagine the following process:

  1. Use hotkey to capture screenshot or select region of capture
  2. Captured screenshot opens, allowing you to edit it, add arrows, text, lines, etc.
  3. When you click Upload, it uploads it to owncloud (or puts into local owncloud folder) and then puts the link right into Ctrl+C buffer.

Is there anything like that? Seems pretty basic to me.

Alternatives could be - self-hosted screenshot sharing service.