Any to get folders in the UI to automatically reflect the contents of the server?

Operating system:

Web server:

I have a folder in the OwnCloud UI called:
***.com/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/SCRAPING (SHARED)/

Inside this folder there are PDFs which exist in the server and are also displayed in the UI successfully.

Now also inside the folder, there is a subfolder called /completed which is also displayed in the UI. However the contents of /completed are not being displayed.

Is there a method to automatically have contents of a folder in the UI reflect the content of a folder on the server OwnCloud is being hosted on?

Thank you in advance

Are you modifying the content of that folder outside of ownCloud? If so, stop doing that, as that can cause the symptoms you describe.

Using occ files:scan can detect changes and may help find the missing contents, but the best solution is to avoid the problem on the first place by only using the ownCloud client or WebDAV to modify the contents of folders.

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