Any User Login API which i use from other domain(Web use only)?

Please provide any User login API ( user session generated automatically ) which I will use from other domain and my owncloud is on other domain.

I have searched more but not found User Login API. I have found only Provisioning API for getUser, addUser, deleteUser etc.

There are existing solutions for that what I think you want to do, with LDAP or SSO. Have you tried those?

Also it would be helpful if you tell me more about what you want to achieve.

In more details i have a website but i am not integrate owncloud in my website due to php version so i putted owncloud to another subdomain.

So I want to login user automatically on owncloud through our domain so I need API.

I think LDAP is a connector not an API.

What about that: Your website connects to LDAP and ownCloud connects to LDAP?

would that work for you?

can you provide me example of code else any link?

One major thing i can't perform any activity server regarding. I want to access through only code

I can't provide you with code.

You can have a look at the documentation and figure out if it's right for you: