Any way to exclude folder(s) from occ files:scan?

Hi, I am using an external drive mount and it's on a Mac so the file system is HFS+.
The drive has a few hidden folders, like ".Trashes" and ".501", which are created (I believe) at format time and root-owned.
"occ files:scan" will always abort at these folders since it cannot read them, with this message:

Exception during scan: opendir(/path/to/externalmount/.Trashes): failed to open dir: Permission denied

Is there any way to instruct "occ files:scan" to skip all hidden (dot-named) folders, which are useless for file storage purposes anyway?

Thanks for any suggestion.


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Thank you thousands!

Thank you but it doesn't seem to work. My config.sample.php does not contain the paragraph you pasted. Using OC on Ubuntu 17.04, working fine except for this files:scan problem. I inserted the 'excluded_directories' array as written below in my config.php, but files:scan keeps aborting at /.Trashes dir.

'excluded_directories' =>
array (
<... etc>

Grateful for any ideas. Thanks again

What do you mean abort? What does the output show? What is in the owncloud.log? Can you try with -vvv so that you get a full stacktrace on failure. Perhaps we can report this to github with a proper bug report if this is a bug in functionality.

It this isn't included in your config.sample.php then i would guess this functionality isn't available in 9.1.6 but only in newer versions like 10

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