Anyone know how to opt out of Ent. trial, or else disable the obnoxious yellow expiration warning

I can’t stand this yellow warning that displays remaining days on the enterprise trial. If it was just when you logged in or if it closed automatically I might be able to tolerate it. But the person that designed it to open on every click and then stay open until clicked on, is a pure dick. I have over 20 days left on the trial, but I can’t stand it anymore. Not only is there no chance in hell that I will buy enterprise edition, but I want to cut the free trial short as soon as possible. I scoured through code trying to disable it, I thought I found it in the javascript, but apparently not.

Does anyone know how to disable the enterprise trial, or else know where I can disable this yellow “Evaluation expires in # days” warning?

Remove the license then. There is an DB entry in the “oc_appconfig” table, appid = enterprise_key, config-key = license-key.
In addition, if you also have a license in the config.php file, you should also remove that.

In its defense, I’d say that you should be trying the enterprise trial on a fresh installation, so you should be able to destroy the server once you’re done testing.
If you don’t want to buy the license, you don’t need to touch your production instance. Otherwise you can buy the license and then install it in the production instance.

I remind that you shouldn’t change the code without devs knowing. There are chances that you forget to revert your changes, or your changes could cause the code to behave erratically causing problems (storing wrong data that shouldn’t be possible, modifying the DB in impossible ways, etc). The devs won’t be able to help you


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