Apache2 is reachable, but not owncloud

My owncloud run perfectly until some hour ago. Not I cannot access it anymore.
I can access the apache2, so when I type raspberry.local, I see the apache2 debian default page, but raspberry.local/owncloud leads to "This page is not working..."

Here you can find my owncloud.log file:

sudo -u www-data php occ help maintenance:mode
is also not working, says occ cannot be found

I installed owncloud according to:

Thanks for help, i am a total beginner

Here is a very good instruction developed by experts from ownCloud.

I would recommending reading it and looking for what you have missed.


You said, it was working few hours ago, and not anymore. But what did you change in between? This looks like a misconfiguration of Apache2 virtual host.

I suspect a caching issue. It was working as long as the correct configuration was in cache. Thats my thought anyway.

Thank you for alle the answers. I had a typo error in the config.php