APFS compatibly

It looks like the new Apple File System has everything required to play nice with ownCloud server now. Has anyone looked into this yet? I’m not a dev by any stretch of the imagination so I’ll have to rely on others that know what they’re doing.
Take a look at the info on this page to see what I’m talking about. I searched first and didn’t see anyone else talking about this topic, sorry if it’s a dupe.


Take a look at the info under the heading:
How does Apple File System handle filenames?

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Supporting Apple server is more then just a working filesystem.
In order to maintain Apple server we would need some investment in terms of developers using it on
a day to day basis as well as some continuous integration work.

Any developer is welcome to work on these topics but nobody stepped up all these years.

I understand that so far nobody has stepped up, I’m just hoping that with the new file system it’ll be more worth the time.

And to be honest - there is no real demand for supporting Apple Server

I’m sure there’s some demand, it might not be high enough on the radar to get noticed. But I want it, so demand is larger than zero.