App Documets owncloud 9.1.3

I'm properly not the first one to ask, but I cant find any guides, for, how to make the app "Documents" to work
I'm getting the error:
"Apply and test Missing open office binary that is mandatory for conversion"
I:M using Freenas jail freebsd so I need a guide for that.
any help would be highly appreciated.

See e.g. the FAQ in [1] or the documentation in [2] . The first one is more about previews but the installation of LibreOffice / OpenOffice and the requirements on your PHP configuration is also explained there. Also note that you only need LibreOffice / OpenOffice if you want to edit .doc and .docx documents.

If you need further support with that it might also help to contact the FreeNAS community how to provide such a binary to a PHP application like ownCloud.



Thanks I'll check it out

I've posted on FreeNas forum
with no success.
Can any one help me by solving this problem on freeBSD?