App Registration with Hotmail



Tried to register on the site so that I could report problems, but you cannot register with a Hotmail email.....

this is ridiculous!

Is there another way?

Thanks for your replies @tflidd and @RealRancor , I will certainly check github, but my point is that I cannot register on As a happy user of owncloud for many years, I find it strange that Yahoo, and Hotmail are blacklisted from the apps site.


For most apps, it is better to report the issue on their github-repository (if it is linked somewhere). What app is it?


Yes, please don't use for any issue reporting of apps or ownCloud in general. Also don't use it for support questions. Thats the worst place you can do that.

Issues with apps should be reported to the issue tracker of that specific app. Issues with owncloud to

The forums here can be used for general support questions to ownCloud like how to install it or similar.


I will certainly check github, but my point is that I cannot register on

there is a contact formular at where you can reach the people running and make them aware about this issue.


Thanks @RealRancor, I have provided feedback, exactly what I was looking for from this post. Not sure how you found that link as I couldn't find it on any of the pages that link from the ownCloud app pages, but hey, great to have people like you around in the know. Thanks again.



thanks. The link itself is a little bit hidden / small on the startpage at at the bottom left (Who we are -> Contact).