App to have shareable link lists


for a teachers use I’d dream of an app that can do the following:

The teacher edits a file with a list of links to youtube vids, websites etc in text format, together with a little comment. This file can be shared with other users or groups.

Example format might be:

# The URL        | A comment | German computer related news | The world class private cloud | Microsofts collection of open source.

The users who get the file shared have a new entry in the bar on the left in the web interface, maybe called Link Library. If clicked on it, it shows a more or less nicely rendered view of all the links, at best with nice thumbnails. More bonus features can be thought of, such as commenting back and forth etc.

Does that make sense? Can that be so hard? From which app should a fearless greenhorn steal to get kickstarted?



Hi Klaas,

I’d suggest to contribute to the bookmarks app, there is an open issue for sharing bookmarks with other ownCloud users