App upload time delay

Actual behaviour

After some uinknown time my pictures do get uploaded.

Expected behaviou

I don’t know what to expect. Or rather, I expected the owncloud app to register a “direcotry modified” notification for my camera directory, and then immediately upload the image. But apparently it takes a while before I can see the images on the other machines?

Steps to reproduce

  1. install app
  2. enable image-from-camera-upload
  3. take a picture.
  4. check the web interface for the new snapshot.

Can this problem be reproduced with the official owncloud server? I think so. I haven’t tested it.

Environment data

Android version: MIUI Global 11.0.4

Device model:
Redmi 6.

Stock or customized system:

ownCloud app version:

ownCloud server version: 2.8.2


Web server error log

not relevant. 

ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

not relevant. 

Camera uploads are not instant. From the moment you take a pic, maximum 15 minutes run till it is uploaded. This is because the background behaviour of the latests Android system versions, that reduce the background time.

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OK. Thanks.

Can I trigger an update by opening the app for instance? It seems that this did the trick the last time I needed a file uploaded.

Yeah, as soon as you open the app, upload should be done immediately.

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I think I tried it before like that but didn’t see any immediate action. But today I did. Probably user error that I didn’t see it. I think I know a thing or two about computers and such, so I would trust my own observations… On the other hand, computers are usually more reliable than human observations… Thanks for the help.