Apparently symlinks are not supported


We know that it is not allowed to create symlinks on a webdav (owncloud) mounted folder. We would like to do this:

ln -s /mnt/webdav/user/dirA/dirA1 /mnt/webdav/user/dirB/dirB1

Where /mnt/webdav/user is be the webdav mount.

Any ideas?


I don’t understand the purpose of your idea. What is the use case for symlinking a user’s directory to another this user’s directory?

Maybe the logical issue is on the concept?

Hi cortho,

The idea would be saving disk space so files exist inside a single folder.

I still don’t quite understand your use case:

  • Are you running a terminal server where multiple users are logged in simultaneously?
  • And all of these users have a webdav client running.
  • Because some users share a large data folder you were hoping to symlink the data as to not duplicate it?
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