Appliance: Trying to force HTTPS only

Probably a newbie pilot error here but I need some help. I have Owncloud setup (and running, yay!) using the appliance version on VirtualBox. I have external access setup and can access my Owncloud via the Android app (or browser) on my phone from outside the LAN. I want to force HTTPS and see in the notes to run this command on the UCS server:
ucr set apache2/force_https=yes
I can log into the server using the administrator account but when I enter this command I get an error saying -bash usr command not found.

Am I entering this wrong or in the wrong place?


the command is called ucr:

but it seems the message you are getting is referring usr:

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Sorry…typo. The error is “ucr”.

Bonus question on this one:
From an external location if I navigate to my URL without “/owncloud” I land on the UCS home screen. Is there a way to prevent the default web page from coming up so I don’t have a login screen just sitting there for anyone to hammer? Thanks again!

Have you thought about reading the official docs first and then asking questions in the forum?

Yes, of course I have read the docs. That’s is how I got where I am. The documentation is difficult to follow so if I missed something I apologize. I thought this was a user to user support forum and it would be appropriate to ask questions here…

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Ah, I thought it’s in the docs. Sorry. Need to add that to the docs.

ucr set apache2/startsite=/owncloud
service apache2 restart

Thanks dmitry. I gave up on the CLI since it kept giving bash errors even though I could type man ucr or man service and it worked fine. I must have been in the wrong place to run the command. In any case I realized I have the whole Univention portal at my disposal so I went into the configuration module, made the two changes I needed then into the services module and restarted the apache server. All is good now! I have my Owncloud setup and accessible via only https from the outside world with the default browser hitting the Owncloud login instead of Univention. Thanks!