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I have a problem with a file that has been locked. I try to delete it and it gives me an error:

is locked and cannot be deleted

It also won’t let me change the name or do anything with it. Can somebody help me?
I have already restarted the owncloud server several times.

Hello Ruben,

you can clear the lock in your database. The table is oc_locks.

Just look for the file name in the filename in that table and remove that row.

Best Regards


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The problem is that I have installed Owncloud in a Qnap, and I used the database lite. I don’t know how I can access it to clear it.

I don’t have oc_locks

oc_file_locks is the table you need to edit.

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Thank you so much, It works!!

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Glad it worked out for you :slight_smile:

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