Are FileDrop Public Shares accessibles from webdav command

I test Files Drop shares now availables with the 10 version. I just wonder if this kind of shares are writables by command line like cadaver.
I ask the question because on a classic RW share, I can access by command line like :

cadaver https://myserver/owncloud/public.php/webdav/
Authentication required for ownCloud on server myserver': Username: my public ID dav:/owncloud/public.php/webdav/> ls Listing collection/owncloud/public.php/webdav/’: succeeded.
1.txt 1 oct. 8 08:52
2.txt 1 oct. 8 08:52
3.txt 1 oct. 8 08:52

If I do the same on a FileDrop Share, I have a 404 error like this :

Could not access /owncloud/public.php/webdav/ (not WebDAV-enabled?):
404 Not Found
Connection to `myserver’ closed.

And If I use remote.php instead ou public.php, the public ID does not work

So is it a bug or is it a normal behaviour of the FileDrop share ?


I think this is by design. As the owner knows where the uploaded files reside, there is IMHO no need to access or display the index of a file drop share via webdav.