Assistance with Owncloud cron config needed

Hi guys, for those of you who have viewed my last two topics I haven’t gotten fired yet but I did get ‘the talk’ today so things don’t look great. I’ve been having massive issues getting Windows SMB shares to update on users’ Owncloud apps on their laptops.

I was finally able to get crontab configured which is great however I couldn’t do it under the www-data user and instead had to use root. I don’t know if that’s normal or not but that’s what I had to do.

Since I’m on the docker vm here’s the command I put in the crontab file to get external file scans to work every 5 minutes:

*/5 * * * * sudo /usr/bin/univention-app shell owncloud occ files:scan --all

It works and seems to do the trick. That’s spectacular and my boss was happy, however since I set that command up yesterday Owncloud has been unreliable. It went completely down yesterday and when I tried to log in via the http portal it threw an error that I wish I had written down. I had to hard reboot the VM but it did come back up. Today there was a ~5 minute period where no one could log in at allor get any files and without intervention from me it seems to have resolved itself. Is it possible I am running that files:scan command too often and it’s interfering with itself? I am currently using because my UCS appliance won’t update to 10.2.


well first courage !

I understand that you set this cron because external storage were not scanned, which is weird but since I don’t use docker for ownCloud I don’t know. How about doing something maybe quite dirty but that wouldn’t require a cron that seems to slow down your whole ownCloud. Is it possible for you to mount smb directly on your machine inside the data directory ? Maybe it wouldn’t require a “dirty cron” and would work out of the box.

On the other side, is it possible for you to increase the CPU ?

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