Attempt to upgrade from to 10.0.10

I followed the directions at for manually upgrading the server
I enabled maintenance mode
I stopped the webserver
I renamed my directory with a -old and unpacked the tar into the /var/www/owncloud directory
I copied over my config and data
I tried to disable the apps and got an error saying my php install (5.5.9) was too old, so I upgraded to php 5.6
now i get all kinds of errors when trying to run any php occ command
I tried changing the owner of the files in /var/www/owncloud to my www-data user with no luck either

example output

sudo -u www-data php occ app:disable activity

ok so i fixed my own problem…

along with the base php5.6 package i needed to install the following php5.6 packages


after installing those I was able to run the occ commands to finish the upgrade successfully

then after restarting the webserver i got an error at the index page saying i was still using php5.5.9

I needed to disable php5 in apache and enable 5.6, then restart apache, all seems to be good now

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